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About Us

Welcome to the Regenter Brockley website. Regenter Brockley Homes is a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) that manages 1838 homes for the London Borough of Lewisham. This includes day-to-day repairs, general maintenance, and housing management.

The Brockley Private Finance Initiative (PFI) known as Regenter Brockley commenced the management of 1838 homes in the Brockley neighbourhood of Lewisham in 2007.

Pinnacle PSG provides housing, estates and facilities management services to a wide range of local authorities, social housing providers, schools and other public sector bodies. We employ over 2,200 people across the UK, directly managing 22,500 social housing homes and providing complimentary service to a further 450,000 homes, schools and public spaces

The Brockley neighbourhood is a mixture of small to medium sized estates and a large number of street properties. A number of our properties are within the five Brockley conservation areas.

  • Investing in people
  • Transforming places
  • Maximising potential

Our partners

  • Pinnacle PSG

    Pinnacle provides neighbourhood management services including housing management, estate services and resident support services

  • Rydon

    Rydon is a construction, development, maintenance, investment and management company who carry out the day to day repairs and maintenance service.

  • Higgins

    Higgins – are a developer who were responsible for the three and half year refurbishment programme which commenced at the beginning of the contract

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