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Anti-Social Behaviour

Antisocial behaviour can mean many things – it is acting in a way that causes, or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people.

We are committed to ensuring that all residents enjoy their right to peace, quiet and security in and around their home. Where possible we will encourage residents to resolve minor problems themselves, offering support and mediation. However, we will demonstrate that antisocial behaviour (ASB) will not be tolerated.

We recognise that ASB can have a severe effect on how residents feel and we take all ASB reports seriously. We work with you and local agencies to make sure that ASB is dealt with appropriately and effectively.

In severe cases we will contact you within one working day and offer a home visit within three working days.
In non-severe cases we will contact you within three working days and offer a home visit within five working days.

You can report anti-social behaviour:

  • By calling us on 02076351200
  • By reporting it in person at your local housing office, located at 111 Endwell Road, SE4 2PE
  • By reporting it by email to
  • Through a ‘third party’: friend, support service, Police, MP, Councillor etc.

Mediation services

Mediation is an independent service that aims to get people to agree a way forward rather than have a solution imposed.

Mediation can help settle disputes between neighbours for example, by agreeing reasonable times and volumes for music to be played. Solutions will not be imposed, but agreed by both sides.

The mediator does not make judgements or take sides. They help people to listen to each other’s point of view to find common ground and to jointly agree ways of dealing with their problem.

The estate office may ask you if you will agree to be referred for mediation, or alternatively you can ask the estate office to be referred.

What kind of problems can mediation help with?

Mediation can help with a wide range problems from noise nuisance to boundary disputes.

Who can provide mediation?

Crime Concern

Crime Concern currently work for over 50 housing providers and local authorities around the UK providing mediation and professional witness services since 2008.


This can be done either face to face or via shuttle where each person is seen separately. Full disclosure is made to the housing provider along with a copy of any good neighbour contracts. The mediator is then on call for a minimum of 3 to 4 months and the company take the entire case on so giving the housing provider cost and time savings. A three weekly update is provided to ensure that the housing provider stays fully informed. When the case is closed then a full closing statement is provided.

Address:Unit 3, Chandlers Row,
              Colchester, Essex,
              CO1 2HG

Tel:01206 868359


Victim Support

Victim Support is a national charity with trained volunteers to help the victims of crime and their families and friends. It provides a completely confidential service that is available regardless of whether crimes have been reported to the police.

Regenter B3 can make a referral on behalf of the victim and their family or they can refer themselves directly.
020 8698 4583

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